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Are things changing for you and your business???

Is your business Starting up? Growing? Shrinking? Are you moving into a new space?  Changes can be exciting!  Ok….. initially it is exciting.  Then other things creep in and the questions start……..and decisions have to be made.  Lots and lots of decisions.
How much space do we need? Will this weird space in the great location work for us?  Do we need this much space? Is this space too small? How will we grow into it?  When can we start renovations? Where will we get furniture? What will  this project cost?  What about lighting and acoustical problems? And the list goes on………
So now your excitement is ebbing and indecision is moving in.  Where to start? Right here of course (but you already knew that or you wouldn’t be here).  When you have an experienced interior designer on your team you have someone who will focus on what your needs are and provide you with plans to communicate with your management team, contractors, and employees.
Just like a business plan, Interior Design plans keep things focused and  Project management will keep things on track, by providing regular updates and an eye on the budget which will allow you to continue focusing on your business.  
We have experience designing, RECEPTION areas, general OFFICES, health care, retail,  CAFETERIAS, including the washroom/SERVICE areas.  Our Interior Design Services will help you complete our project from start to finish.

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