Mooi Interior Design
Adrianna Hanson -Interior Designer/ Owner

Adrianna Hanson -Interior Designer/ Owner

Hello there! 
Welcome to my page.  
As an Interior Designer, the owner of Mooi Interior Design and a A.R.I.D.O** member since 2001 I bring with me over 30 years of local, national and international experience.  Practicing Interior Design in the corporate, retail and residential sectors I am continually looking for new avenues to be creative. 
Functional, Efficient, Effective and Visually pleasing.  These are the pillars used to create  professional and personal Interiors for my clients.
I am often asked where the word Mooi comes from, what does it mean and how do you say it.  I am Canadian with a Dutch Heritage.  The word “mooi” means “beautiful” in Dutch.   It is with this nod to my heritage that the naming of Mooi Interior Design came about.  Phonetically the word Mooi is pronounced “mm-oi”.
I am married with children. I love sports in general,  I play hockey regularly and volunteer with my local minor hockey association. Being outside gardening, learning about nature and how to work with the environment keeps me in the Renew, Re-use, Re-cycle mind-set. 
Now that you know a bit more about me, let me know more about you and what you may require an Interior Designer for. 
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**Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario

Looking forward to hearing from you!