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Working from HOME?

Since the Covid 19 Pandemic began in 2020 many people moved out of the company office space and started to work from home.  This meant that many have been working at dining room tables and sitting on dining room chairs.  In the short  tem that is ok, unfortunately when days turns to months and for some years, working at a less then ideal situation creates a less productive and ergonomically challenging environment

Work from home essentials:

  • Space, where will your new command central be located? (upstairs?, main floor?, basement?)  We can walk through your space with you to find the most ideal location for your office.
  • Ergonomic seating and desk (if you don’t have unlimited funds for chiropractic and massage this is essential)
  • Acoustics; can you close a door? Privacy? What can be done to create a quieter environment for you to work?
  • Storage what kind of storage requirements do you need? Paper? Binders?  Books? Samples? Media?
  • Technology – how will you handle input and output?  Do you need a laptop? Desk top computer? Printer? Router? Additional monitors? Cabling?
  • Lighting – How much daylight?, How much glare? What kind of artificial can be added?
A Neat and Tidy solution for a Home office space
Acoustics can be a really BIG issue.  We have practical and/or  attractive solutions.
Ergonomics. TBH the word doesn’t sound or look nice. But, ergonomic solutions for your home office are essential and can be beautiful.
The Sit Stand Desk.  Another ergonomic solution that easily accommodates users that have varying heights. It also can help increase the number of options for you to alter your posture while at your desk.

A little Home Office Q & A

Q- Are you a piler or are you a filer?

A –

How a typical “piler” likes to organize
How a typical “filer” likes to organize.

It is interesting that many people don’t feel comfortable answering this simple question.  Typically this is because they are a “piler”.  “Pilers” don’t like to admit that this is the way that they work best.  

Why is this?  

We think it is because this is “generally” not considered an organized way of working. but who are we to judge?  Nope, we don’t carePile” or “File”, either way let’s just work with your natural tendencies and focus on making your space organized and work for you.  By working with your natural tendencies we will create an organized space customized for you that allows you to work more efficiently, effectively and comfortably.

Q– How often are you going to be working from home?

A- Depending on how often you will work from home will help determine the value you will place on the furniture, fixtures and technology that you will purchase or install.

Q- How much space can you dedicate to your home office?

A- The space that you have available in your home will determine the type and size of home office that can be created.

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