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About Us

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Location- 10801 Old Simcoe Road, Port Perry, ON, Canada

Mooi Interior Design is a full service Interior Design firm registered in Ontario, Canada.  
Adrianna Hanson is a registered Interior Designer and owner.  She is accredited though ARIDO (Association of Interior Designer of Ontario) and brings with her over 30 years of local, national and international experience in corporate, office, retail and residential design
Using our knowledge and ideas we guide customers through the design process. We love solving problems and specialize in creative solutions.  Our design approach is holistic and we look to accommodate your current and future needs.
Interior Design Services include concepts, full construction CAD drawings in 2D and 3D, specifications for fixtures, finishes & furnishings.  Our project management services deliver a project from an idea, through construction to completion.
To discuss your design project call us or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Interior Design Services

  • Project Consultation
  • Project Scope and Design Concepts
  • Interior Drawings (CAD – computer aided drafting)
  • Select furnishings, fixtures and fittings
  • 3-D drawings or video walkthrough
  • Project Management

       (For more details refer to the FAQ on this page)


What does a project consultation involve?  During a Project Consultation we meet with you, review your space discuss, what you would like to achieve and the possibilities or resctrictions of your space, situation and associated timelines.

What does it cost for your Interior Design Services?  Our services are undertaken on an hourly rate.  Which as a rule of thumb will generally total about 10% of the cost of the project.

What is Project Scope and Design Concepts?  Project scope is the determination of all the areas that are going to be touched on during the entire project and can include sketches, drawings, specifications and project managment. The design concept can be like a mood board or can be a hand sketch of an item or area.

How do you select furniture fixtures and finishes?  We have access to unlimited furniture, fixture and finish suppliers yet we are not obligated to use any specific one.  When selecting items for your project we consider style, cost, durability and functionality.  Being industry specialists we have direct lines of communication with company representatives to access critical product information and samples.

What is an interior Drawing?  Drawings are produced using architecturally accurage CAD drawings (specifically REVIT) and could include: walls, furniture, finishes, ceilings, millwork (custom cabinet) details as well as the location of electrical, lighting, plumbing and HVAC.  Drawings are the best communication tool for customers and construction tradespeople.  They talk do the talking from the client onto the site saving time and money and they are the most practical and effective way to obtain quotes for the work that is to be to be completed.

What does Project Management involve?    Project management keeps things moving forward in a timely manner and saves clients time and money.  We will communicate with Contractors on your behalf while keeping the design vision and solving the inevitable questions and hiccups provided by site conditions and product availability.  Clients can focus on their work or home life and will be brought into the decision making process when budgetary or concept altering decisions are required. 

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