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Commercial Service Areas

Commercial Service Areas

Commercial Service Area projects:

Service areas (washrooms & changerooms) work hard behind the scenes.  
We make sure that they are beautiful and function well too. 
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This women’s washroom includes an area to provide employees a quiet space.
Custom vanity and mirrors allow for a beautiful and accessible solution.
Cork floors soften and quiet the space.  Custom storage allows for storage of sanitary supplies.
Cost conscious finishes and a design that accommodates accessibility for all.
This area includes a washroom and locker room combination.  Cost conscious design considerations incorporated floor accents.
Colours are used in a Cost effective manner to duplicate the millwork design yet change the look of the space.
The washroom | locker room included millwork for towels, sanitary products and laundry.
Custom accessible vanity solution
This projects choice of laminate colour was used in multiple areas and was combined with different accent colours to create a different design palette in each area with a common thread.

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